Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Forest on an Abandoned Ship

The Forest on an Abandoned Ship

There is an island in the Maroni River that was formed by a British ship that ran aground!

The British ship Edith Cavell now looks more like a forest than a boat. The British ship was first launched in 1898.

The steamer was on a trip to St. Laurent de Maron (present day French Guyana) when she ran aground in the Maroni River.

She broke in two and was unable to continue. The crew was forced to abandon her. Her life was not done though. From there, the Edith Cavell became overgrown with plants.

The ship was carrying some general cargo, some of which contained seeds. The seeds managed to germinate in the mud and water and, over a period of 36 or so years, the ship slowly began to sprout trees and formed the nameless island.

Today, she looks more like an island of foliage in the middle of the river than a ship.