Thursday, 24 October 2013

6 Tips to Do Gardening on Tight Budget

6 Tips to Do Gardening on Tight Budget

A lot of people are into gardening but those people end up losing all of their money because there are a lot of things to buy

For people who are highly interested in improving the looks of their garden, all you have to do is be creative with how you work on it. Gardening on a tight budget may have you thinking that it’s impossible, but you’ll be glad to hear that we have tips for you to get started while saving.

If you naturally have a green thumb, you can easily make something out of your garden with the help of other people’s garden. Buying pots of plants in shops can be quite expensive and you may even end up using your credit card for it

Ask your neighbors if you can get a few cuttings from their plants  Putting them in a glass of water will help it grow. Just make sure you replace the water regularly, or around every 2 days.

· By putting up a few things in your garden, you can easily update its look. Water features can make a huge improvement for your garden but of course, fountains and those water items can be expensive. Save all of your old cups and glasses and be creative with it  Glass bowls would look really fresh in a garden. You can just look for ideas in magazines or online.

· If there are a lot of things that you have to buy for your garden, you can go to flea markets to get cheaper prices for the items. You can even haggle for it to get even better prices and sometimes, the seller will give you a better discount if you are going to buy everything from them or in bulk.

· Lighting can also make a huge difference on your garden Remember you don’t have to put a lot in order to make it beautiful. You just have to strategically place everything so that they are blending in

Try to attract the natural pollinators as well such as bugs and other insects. This will help you garden grow faster

Leave a few cracked items in your items for them to hive and you will attract those little critters in no time.

· You can also plants bulbs in your garden because they are quite easy to grow and are low maintenance. As soon as they’re big enough to be cut, plant them all around your garden so that by the next season your garden will be blooming all over

You can plant snowdrops in your garden, they look pretty even if they are just scattered everything.

Follow these tips and avoid using your credit card that may end up hurting your credit score and credit report  Be creative and look for ways to save money Make use of the old items in your house to save even more money.

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